Decades ago tiny seeds were planted

by benevolent earth-minded people

Five magnificent beauties of nature

entwined branches a glorious feature

Take note a circle of five appears

in this photograph by today’s peer

the story lies within, intentional or not

creation centered  witchcraft perhaps

shades  of color:  emerald, aquamarine

olive, lime, sage, jade infused  greenery

powerful images of nature’s timeline

tree trunk’s rings a weathered sign

that the pulse of  life comes full circle











Annie Love

Annie became a family member on feb 22 2020. She is a rescue from Texas. In this photo her hair is grown back. We love her dearly. She is the sweetest thing since sliced bread. She hates thunderstorms


Ticket to Anywhere

Ticket to anywhere

Don’t wake me up 

I’m Flying out to anywhere

Searching for the garden

Safety will be found there

Tentacles of Covid

Cannot touch any soul

Perimeter amply protected

So says the sacred scroll

No taking it to the streets

There simply is no need

Brotherhood reigns true

World souls roaming free

An imaginary landscape

Takes decades to build

Death, sweat, years of pain

For nirvana to be fulfilled

But here it is in plain view

In the dream state of my mind