Love’s Rescue

Love’s Rescue

I wondered if you could trust me

I wondered if I could trust

I held you in my arms

You seemed so small and fragile

I told you I’d be back soon

I hated giving you up for a time

I had to wait for you to be mine

I promised to love you all the time

Today we meet once again

I brought your favorite things

I am excited this Valentine’s Day

Love comes in many forms to stay

Christmas EveBy Patricia LynneMy Grandma’s Christmas tradition was that everyone attend church on Christmas Eve.At one time, her family took two pews. She had seven children.I am now 68, and I have spent every Christmas Eve in church with the exception of COVId which I streamed.Singing hymns was always a highlight of the service be it Catholic, Methodist, Evangelical or Lutheran.My Grandma Theresa was Catholic. In fact, her life revolved around church and church activities. Her sister was a nun who taught Indian children.I, on the other hand was Baptized and confirmed Catholic, but went on to try different denominations.Through marriage of twenty five years I was Lutheran. After divorce, I attended an evangelical church.Christmas is about Jesus birth in Bethlehem in all these churches. There has always been something special about being a part of this worship on Christmas Eve. I have memories of real candles burning, the lights off in this very old church withStatutes adorning a huge altar. I recall brown sandwich bags with an orange, an apple, and peanuts given to the kids.Silent Night has been sung by the congregation in the Sixty-eight years I have sat in a wooden pew in a church. It always moves me. I remember the family that sang with me who have now passed on.I remember listening to my children sing Silent Night at church concerts at Christmas.It feels right to be in church on Christmas Eve. AnUnmovable foundation in my life. I don’t know how many more I will be blessed with, but this tradition is dear to me.


Nature’s Decor

Snowflakes swirl

Sprinkling powder dust

Ghostly green pine trees


Thankfulness within

Family gatherings abound

Kindness fills the air

Traditions live on

Lists being written

Presents purchased or made

Hope conquering fear

Evening ride

Reindeer circling Claus

Ready for their famous ride

Rudolph nose flashes


Frosty the Snowman

Charcoal eyes, carrot nose, smile

Here come the Children




By Patricia Lynne

November 16, 1021

Orbs float in sea of blue

Compose music for all life below

Flora reach up from soft seabed

Dance and sway to notes sweet flow

The cadence can be observed

Bouncing off soothing waves

Speaking a private language

A peaceful solitude resurged

Shimmering in midnight blue

Twisting in rhythmic pose

Gold ribbon highlights twinkle

A season’s hope again renewed


Cold slate waters make me shiver

A feeling that comes around every winter

Icy winds roar from the north

from Canada they say

Shivers are here to stay

Darkness hovers earlier

Covering our great state

Shivers in the shadows shake

White wet frozen crystals

From dark clouds afloat

Shiver, time for winter coat

Pets fur grows longer

To keep shivers at bay

Spring seems a long way

The geese fly south

Fleeing from shivers

As fall flowers wither

Burr! Baby it’s cold outside!



That very first sip

Soothing to the tastebuds

Joy tingles on your tongue

Stimulates my sleepy brain

Until that first sip comes again

Friends love or hate coffee

Opting for tantalizing teas

To begin their fresh new day

What can a coffee buff say

Even the cup is welcoming

We all have our favorite

A treasure someone gifted us

Even the plastic kind, no fuss

Personally I came to like it

Much Later In my life

I’m making up for lost time

Starbucks each morning, oh my!

By Patricia Lynne

October of Fall

By Patricia Lynne

Leaves crunch under my feet

Crisp air blows through my hair

Colors of Fall: red, orange, yellow;

Burnt, rustic, golden

October means many things

A prelude to winter snows

end to simmering weather

The timeless colors of Fall

Jumping in leaves as a child

After raking them in a pile

Tracing a leaf on paper

Coloring the veins bright red

Waiting for the holiday of

Halloween: costumes, candy

Trick-or-treat the mantra

At porch doors open and lit

Scavenger hunts at sunset

Around the neighborhood

Searching for things on a list

Returning home for cider

Bobbing for apples in the dark

Among skeletons and spiders

Creepy, crawling horrors

Happily not for real

Generation after generation

Play this game of fright

On a Halloween night

In this fleeting October of Fall

Five and Dime

Five and Dime

By Patricia Lynne

October 13, 2021.

It seems like quite a few stores in downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin,

Were five and dime stores when I was growing up. There was Ben Franklin, Kressge’s, and Woolworth’s. These three stores were on one block all in a row.

A quarter went a long way in 1960 even if shared by three young girls. We could each get a soda and a hot dog at Woolworth’s snack bar for a nickel.

Next, at Ben Franklin we bought what was referred to as “penny candy”. There was licorice sticks which were three for a penny. Just right for our little trio.

Then at Kressge’s we found flavored ice pops for two cents each. I remember liking orange. It tasted so cool on a hot summer day.

We walked about twelve blocks each way, laughing, giggling, kicking stones.

Our toes were pretty sore because we all wore inexpensive flip flops so we took them off completely and went barefoot.

Christine, Diane and I shared these Saturday afternoon jaunts for several years. It was exchanged for the record store as we got older where we cloud listen to records free in a small room.

When we had money we would buy a forty-five record for a quarter. Then head to the malt shop and share a fry and coke.

The inevitable happened and we grew older. We all went to different high schools and seldom got together after that. There were new friends made, and different paths taken.

I’m sure Diane and Chrissy,as we called her, remember those times as fondly as I do. Such carefree times.